What are your options on retaining walls for your lawn

Retaining wall options

Retaining walls are structures that can be constructed on your lawn or garden in order to restrain the soil if you have an unnatural slope and want to make roadway or if you want to use the slopes as part of your landscape. For example, you can construct retaining walls if you want to create a roadway for your car leading up to your garage. The retaining walls will be constructed to hold the soil in place so that a road can be paved. Aside from creating roads, retaining walls can also be used to create a more beautiful garden. For example, a good landscape for your garden may include the use of retaining walls so that there are different separate levels that are interconnected and make up your whole garden.

There are different types of retaining walls, the gravity wall, the piling wall, the Cantilever wall and the anchored wall. The gravity retaining walls holds the soil by the weight of the walls itself. This is not very strong because the pressure of the soil may be high. The piling retaining walls make use of soils on both sides of the wall. The soil holds the wall in place. The Cantilever wall makes use of a lever in holding the wall in place. This is stronger because the pressure of the soil on the lever holds the wall firmly in place. The anchored wall makes use of cables that serve as anchor for the wall.

When it comes to the materials, there are different materials that you can choose from. There are the concrete blocks, natural stone and wood plank or timber walls. Retaining walls made from concrete blocks, such as brick retaining walls, are generally preferred by many because they are more structurally strong than the other retaining walls made from other materials. Others prefer the more natural look of the stone walls. The wooden planks or timber on the other hand are the preferred choice of materials of homeowners that have rustic homes. They are also less expensive than the two.

As you have several retaining wall options, it is best to find the right retaining wall contractor. For your lawn or garden, you need to hire more than just a contractor that knows how to install a retaining wall. Installing a retaining wall can be easily done by a construction company with an experienced and highly qualified structural engineer. Such retaining wall contractors can construct you strong walls that will serve their functions. However, when it comes to the aesthetic value or landscaping, you need to find a certified landscaping contractor. A landscaping contractor can offer you services that you need to create a very beautiful lawn. For example, when it comes to the design a landscaping contractor has in house designers who can transform your ideas into paper, and then into your home. They also employ state of the art design software so that you can see everything before they begin construction. You therefore save time and money when you hire a professional landscape contractor. Find out more about this topic here.

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  1. You need to talk to a professional landscape contractor. If they can create retaining walls, they can create slopes.

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