What Makes a Great Tequila – Thursday Cooking

is enjoyed across the world. It comes from the Tequila region in Mexico where all authentic Tequila can be found. All of it begins with an Blue Agave Plant. The Blue Agave plant is an indigenous species to the area. It could take anywhere between eight and 12 years to mature to maturity. After that, it is usually harvested by local farmers using machetes. The plant is fermented and turned into the popular beverage. This is the reason that creates Mezcali the top tequila bar that FiDi likes.

The main difference between great and bad tequila comes down to the authenticity. Generally, it is the authenticity and the amount of added sugar. The Mixto is a tequila that includes a considerable amount of sugar. The sugar is a deterrent to flavor. For an intense taste, it’s best for you to buy authentic 100 percentage Tequila. There are distinct flavors in the Tequila area, which is where authentic Tequila is made. The lowlands, for instance, have a mineral-like taste. Highlands however, have more of a tropical, citrus flavour to their Tequila. This difference in taste is the main difference between excellent and poor Tequila.


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