What To Do If A Passenger on Your Flight Becomes Violent – Source and Resource

In the event that a driver becomes aggressive, it’s possible to get them detained. There is a tendency to panic. However, it is important to be cool. The staff and flight attendants of the aircraft have been taught how to handle the situation. In most cases it is enough to relax and let them manage the issue. In some cases, however, they’ll require a bit of help. The video below shows how one of the violent victims was kept down. It is highly unlikely for this man to qualify for bail bonds services for an act of violence.

You can help if the flight attendants have difficulty holding the violent passengers. You must keep the person who is violent in place until an emergency landing can be made at the nearest airport. Although this may not be essential for the duration of time, passengers need to be kept on their toes. In the video below, flight attendants were able to locate the man making use of duct tape in order to keep him down.


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