What to Expect During Your ENT Exam – Bright Healthcare

An instrument that is handheld can be used to check the ear, the nose, and the throat. You will get a full assessment of your ear, nose and hroat. They might even be able to give you an accurate diagnosis immediately. If you have severe sinus troubles, then a nasal endoscopy may be performed. This uses a small digital camera with an illuminated lens that allows you to view the sinuses.
The procedure takes just about a minute, and the device is introduced via your nose. An initial examination will give you the necessary information to help you determine the most suitable procedure. There may be a need for your ENT to have additional examinations or treatment in order to examine thoroughly the nasal sinuses and the nose.
If the doctor is unable to pinpoint what is the reason behind the problem, tests and exams are done. If you attend the Ear Clinic, you may be given a prescription, or even instructions. The ENT can suggest a course of treatment after all relevant information is collected. yapcw1eewo.

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