What You Didnt Know About Bail Bond Companies – Eau Claire Injury Lawyer

The full name, jail’s location the full name, jail address and booking number the person being charged. Bail agents are always on the phone 24 hours a day, and they can visit the prison or your home to sign a bond. They charge 10 to15 % of the bail sum and need collateral. Collateral refers to property that can cover the entire sum of bail. The collateral property could include your vehicle, house and so on. The property could comprise your car, house or other personal belongings.

The bail agent is able to keep the cash in the event that the defendant does not attend court. After the bail officer arrives, they’ll submit a form and post the bond. In just a few hours after which the bail agent can be able to release the person, and the are required to appear before the court. It is not possible to charge security charges as long as you show up in the court.

To conclude, here are the essential things to know before engaging with bail bonding firms. You should be mindful of the details you share with the bail bonding company. In the event that you have a friend or family member being held in prison, they might save your life. itw5zny3q2.

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