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Make Safety a Priority During Your Bus Search and Selection

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Church buses

Finally, your church group is going to buy a bus for those out-of-state conferences and performances. Obviously, safety is a top concern. The church members are trusting you to get them all to the destination, and back home again, safely. If your church group has done any research thus far, then you are aware that your bus will likely be safer than other transportation options, but safety is not a guarantee. When searching for and buying used buses, here are three safety measures to take into consideration.

Skip the 15 passenger van.

With a cheaper price point, the 15 passenger van can be an attractive alternative to a used bus. However, they are not nearly as roomy, nor are they nearly as safe. Large vans have a higher chance of rolling in an accident, and therefore there are higher fatality

Need to Invest in Powder Processing? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

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Custom blending and packaging

Whether you are in the market for dry blending services, you need to find a new powder processing company to replace one that has gone out of business, or you need to find the best chemical blending companies in your area, here are a few very important facts that you need to know.

Specific specialty chemical manufacturing methods may have to be developed for applications where specific morphological properties are desired. This depends entirely about the job that you need done, and exactly what you need the product to be capable of doing at the end of the process. If you are worried about whether the Continue Reading No Comments