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Three Online Sources of Free Litigation Advice

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Free litigation advice

Did you know, according to eLocalLawyers, there are nearly 15 million civil cases filed in the United States each year? False advertisement, malpractice, and many other types of legal proceedings are happening across the country right now. points out that the cost for a lawyer can range anywhere from $50 an hour to $1,000 an hour! The fact is people need resources for finding free litigation advice before they go ahead with hiring an attorney. Here are three of the best online sources for litigation advice for free.

  • NOLO
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    NOLO, with the slogan “Law for All”, is a great source of no cost litigation advice. The site features a wide variety of information from that on accidents and injuries to what to do if you get a DUI. The site also feat

Top five Interesting Facts About Pottery That Everyone Should Know

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Pottery clay

Whether you are taking a class for an easy credit in community college or you are just looking into starting a new hobby, then you might want to look into pottery. If you want a fun, challenging, and rewarding new hobby, then here are a few things that you should know before you begin.

1. In its simplest form, pottery is made by forming a pottery clay body, beginners usually begin with a ballon pottery wheels that will be formed into a simple vase, then it is heated. This heating takes place at very high temperatures in a pottery kiln which removes all the water from the clay. Removing the water is important because it increases their strength and hardens and sets their final shape.

2. Additives can also be worked into the clay, using pottery tools, prior to forming on Continue Reading 6 Comments

A Valuable Life Hack For Brand Promotion

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Making mobile websites

If you own a small business then you know just how important brand promotion is. Once upon a time, a brand could be developed through the company colors, TV ads and maybe billboard advertisements. Today, brand is determined by your website and online presence.

I have plenty of promotional ideas for small businesses that cost next to nothing to employ. Thanks to affordable social media sites, we have free branding solutions at our fingertips, and not a dollar needs to be spent on them. Advertising for small businesses has never been easier.

In only two years, the number of marketers who claim that Facebook is “critical” or “important” to a marketing model has increased by 83 percent!

How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist

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What is a cosmetic dentist

What is a cosmetic dentist? As opposed to general dentistry, which focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing oral conditions, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums. While tools are available to help improve the appearance of smiles, including the toothbrush, which has over 25,000 bristles in 40 groups of tufts, and dental floss, which was originally made of silk but is now made of nylon, a top cosmetic dentist may still be needed to achieve a perfect smile. But how do you know who the best cosmetic dentist is? By asking the following questions, you can discover a cosmetic dentist who will deliver you the best results.

Does the dentist have a good reputation? This can

Entrepreneur Gets A Kick Out Of St Louis Market

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Office moving tips

Eight years ago, Dylan Deignan opened his first soccer shop in Kansas City. Within six months, through hard work and his love of the sport, his shop had doubled its sales expectations. By the two year mark, Deignan had four stores all earning a profit. By his five year anniversary, he had expanded into the St. Louis market, with great success. Deignan was having so much success in the St. Louis market, in fact, that he began to think about moving his central offices from Kansas City to St. Louis through an office relocation service. “St. Louis is a great area for smaller businesses,” said Deignan. “There are just over 47 thousand small businesses operating out there, and the self employment cost of living score is 92.3.”

Deignan is not alone in his interest in the growing St. Louis market. With each

What Are eDiscovery Solutions?

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Computer forensics companies

Most people probably do not realize the amount of work that goes into what legal teams do on an everyday basis. Often, they have to go through tons of data, both physical and digital, and sort through what is important and what is not.

Assistants of legal teams go through admissible digital evidence, including computer forensic analysis and mobile phone evidence, all after they receive a warrant of course. A lot of these people rely on ediscovery solutions as part of their technology needs.

There are a plethora of devices that hold digital evidence. However, a digital forensic investigator will find and translate anything on your device, so you are unable to hide anything. If you work with a legal team or need technology

Begin the Next Step of Your Professional Journey With Adult Continuing Education

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Continuing education unm

Have you been in the professional workforce for a while now, but are looking to refocus your efforts in another field? Did you begin your undergraduate education, only to stop midway through due to extenuating circumstances regarding finances, family expansion, or some other reason?

Whatever your motivation, it could be that now is the perfect time to return to school and enroll in adult continuing education courses. You can hone existing skills or develop new ones as you transition into a new stage of your professional life. And if you live in New Mexico continuing education programs are readily offered at the University of New Mexico. The menu of options is extensive, from business and technolog

IRS Wage Garnishment Lawyers Can Work with Clients to Determine How to Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment

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Garnishment attorneys

In the United States, there are many unavoidable responsibilities that citizens encounter year after year. One of the most universally bothersome of these responsibilities is paying taxes. When it comes to be the time of year again when citizens of the United States must pay their state and federal taxes, many people encounter a great deal of difficulty doing so. This can lead to them either not being able to make a full payment on the amount that they owe before it is due or, it can simply cause them to not pay any amount at all. When this occurs, IRS wage garnishments or other levies may be enacted in order for the government to obtain the money that a person owes. To prevent such a situation from worsening, people that find themselves in situations of owing tax money may seek the services of an IRS

Doctors Express Crown Hill in Seattle WA

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Doctors Express Crown Hill

9000 Holman Rd NW

Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 706-9001

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Expanded Description Doctors Express Crown Hill is a Walk In Urgent Care Clinic located in Seattle. We’re open 7 days a week 8-8. No appointment or Insurance required. Faster and Cheaper than an Emergency Room!


Important Things to Consider for the Architectural Designs of Houses or Offices

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Interior home design ideas

When most people think of architecture they likely think only of elaborate skyscrapers or classic landmarks. But traditional and modern architectural designs can be just as easily applied to your home or office. Architecture design firms and interior designer companies can bring a sense of style and class to a new or existing structure. Here are some things to consider when looking into architectural designs of houses or offices.

  • Classical Influence
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    Incorporating a classical style to your structure can add a feeling of luxury and beauty. Take inspiration from architects as far back as Renaissance or Baroque era builders, such as Christopher Wren, who designed over 50 churches in London in the 17th century. Emphasize theatrics and flamboyance. Add an oval rooftop